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STM-250 / STM-400 Turbo Mill
Screencess Grinder
Application: Suitable for fine grinding, for various products such as food, beans,
  grains synthetic resin, rubbers and plastics, chemicals, mineral, food and industrial medicines, etc.
Feature: 1. Rugged Construction:

The simplified construction of crusher without inside filter screen, featuring minimum trouble and extra long service life.


  2. Minimum Wear:

The machine employs air turbo milling, providing minimum contact with material. Minimum wear of milling, especially when grinding beans and grains.


  3. Versatile Application:

The special milling action ensures excellent milling quality for organic or non-organic materials.


  4. Easy to Maintain:

The upper housing is easy to open, permitting easy access to inside mechanism for added convenience of cleaning.


  5. Labor Saving:

Volumetric material infeed reduces labor requirement.


  6. Powerful Blowing:

The turbo mill provides proper air flow and air pressure for material milling and delivering.


  7. Enclosed Construction:

The fully enclosed machine construction absolutely avoids powder leakage.



Model Inner dia. of mill Roation Speed (R.P.M) Power Reuirement vol of exhaust air (m/min) Capacity
 STM- 250  250mm(10inch) 4500 15~20 HP   6~10 Depends On Crushing Products
 STM- 400  400mm(16inch) 3500 40~50 HP 10~20
 STM- 600  600mm(24inch) 2800 60~75 HP 18~30










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